MouCo PepBert

A twist on an old classic, MouCo PepBert (pronounced pep-bert, with a hard ‘t’) takes Camembert – our flagship cheese, our first love affair – and adds a generous helping of whole green peppercorns into the mix.

The results are unexpected, exciting, delicious.

The cheesemaking process softens the peppercorns, many of which are to be found in each bite. “Spicy” might be an overstatement, but not a big one.

The peppers add a complexity to the cheese not otherwise found—it’s perfect on a cracker all by itself, but especially wonderful melted atop a burger or sprinkled in your favorite mixed-green salad.

Perfect for cheese-lovers, of course, but pepper snobs (we know you’re out there) will find much to love here as well.

MouCo PepBert: Flavors and Aging Information

As PepBert ages the character complicates, matures: the spiciness of the peppers gives way to some of the camembert’s natural tanginess, and the two notes work in harmony together.

When Young: This cheese is firm with a creamy texture, tangy freshness and snappy, citrusy peppercorns

As it ages: MouCo PepBert softens and further develops its buttery characteristics and increased spicyness

Fully Aged: MouCo PepBert is fully aged at 7-8 weeks.  At this point the cheese is buttery, creamy, with a lively heat from the soft green peppercorns

MouCo PepBert: General Cheese and Nutritional Information:

Cheese Name: MouCo PepBert™

Cheese Type: A soft ripened cheese

Milk Type: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk

Weight: 4.4 oz. (125 g.)

Size: 3.25″ x 1.25 ” (82.55 mm x 31.75)

Rennet Type: 100% natural, non-GMO animal rennet

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One taste and you’ll never go back.

— World’s Finest Soft-Ripened Cheese, Made in Ft. Collins Colorado —

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