Take the Plunge

Want to learn more about MouCo cheese? Jump on in and meet the whole family. From our beautiful, ash-rubbed Ashley, to our colorful ColoRouge, to our flavorful truffle and peppercorn Camembert creations, there’s truly something for everyone. 

Take a Deep Dive Into Deliciousness

Date-Coded for Flavor Perfection

Like fine wine, artisan cheese can be aged to your perfect liking. With each of our cheese varieties boasting a range of flavors and textures over their tasty lifespan, we go the extra mile to help you understand what to expect. Look for our date code stickers on every package.

The Curd Connector

Do you love really fresh cheese curds? Do you live in or around Fort Collins?
Text “Curds” to 970-999-1619
and you’ll be added to our Curd Connector. Each time they are ready, you will be directly notified. Mmmm… squeaky fresh cheese curds… what could be better?

mouco cheese

One taste and you’ll never go back.

— World’s Finest Soft-Ripened Cheese, Made in Ft. Collins Colorado —

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