MouCo Cheese Curds

You called many times, looking for cheddar cheese curds. We listened!

We found a cute cheese vat in Minnesota a few months ago, and are now all set up to make a totally different style to what our soft-ripened hearts are used to. For all you ex-pat Wisconsinites and other cheese lovers, we have started making curds.

…And your responses have been phenomenal, we love them all.

We are happy to satisfy your hankerings for down home tastes and memories with the squeakiest and freshest cheddar cheese curds this side of the prairie.

Let’s keep squeaking together!

MouCo Cheddar Cheese Curds: General Cheese and Nutritional Information

Cheese Name: MouCo Cheddar Cheese Curds

Cheese Type: Fresh Cheddar Cheese Curds

Milk Type: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk

Weight: 10 oz.

Rennet Type: 100% natural, non-GMO animal rennet

MouCo Curd Connector

Do you like cheese curds just after they are made? Live in or around Fort Collins?

Text “Curds” to 970-999-1619

You will then be added to our Curd Connector and be notified each time they are ready …and if you can’t make it at that time…the link includes a list of stores that have “freshies”

mouco cheese

One taste and you’ll never go back.

— World’s Finest Soft-Ripened Cheese, Made in Ft. Collins Colorado —

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