Questions about our Cheese

  • Do we need to keep the cheeses in the refrigerator?
    Yes, you need to keep our cheeses cold until you are ready to eat them. We do recommend you let the cheese warm up to room temperature when are you ready to eat them to best enjoy the flavor experience.
  • What type of milk do you use?
    We use cow's milk from local dairies for all of our cheeses.
  • Where do you get your milk?
    We purchase our milk from a few different local dairies. Our average drive time to any of the dairies is only about 25 minutes.
  • How long does your cheese age?
    Our cheese ages for about 2 weeks before being sold to our variuos customers.
  • Can I eat the rind?
    Yes, the rind of all of our cheeses is edible.
  • What type of Rennet do you use?
    We use 100% all natural veal rennet for all of our cheeses.
  • What is the shelf life of your cheese?
    Our white bloom cheeses (MouCo Camembert, Brie and MouCo Truffello) all have a shelf life of approximately 8 weeks. Our red smear cheeses (MouCo ColoRouge and Affinity) have a shelf life of about 12 weeks.
  • Is your cheese organic?
    While our cheese is made from all natural ingredients we do not have an organic certification.
  • What is soft ripened?
    Our cheese is biological in nature, this is much of what "soft ripened" or "surfaced ripened" is refering to. The cultures that we use to make our cheese will age the cheese over time, softening the textures and developing further complexities in both taste and aroma.
  • Where do you get your truffles?
    Our truffles come from a distributor located in the United States. The truffles themselves come from both Italy and France.
  • Is your cheese pasteurized?
    We pastuerize our milk before making it into cheese.
  • What is the white stuff on MouCo Camembert?
    The rind of all of our cheeses are made up of 100% natural cheese cultures. The rind of MouCo Camembert is made up of a specially cultured mold strain called Penicillium Candidum.
  • What is a red smear cheese?
    Red smear cheeses are made by introducing a variety cultures to the outside of the cheese after the cheese has been made. Theses cultures work together to create the color, texture and flavor complexities that developing duing ripening here at the cheesery as well as while aging in the finished package.
  • Do you make goat cheese?
    No, at this point we are not making cheese from goat's milk.
  • Can you freeze your cheese?
    Well our cheese is much like other foods in that freezing for a short period of time is ok, freezing for long term storage is probably not so great.. Like all foods, if the cheese is frozen for so long as to develop water crystals in the stoage container the cheese quality will most certainly be compromised.

Questions about our Company

  • How do you pronounce MouCo?
    A Customer, Named Laura, once asked...(on FB February 2012) I drive 30 minutes out of my way to go to the nearest store that carries the Colo-rouge. SERIOUSLY crave worthy (so thanks for that!). Please settle an argument for us over here though -- are you pronounced "Moo Cow", "Moo Coo" or "Moo Coe" (as in rhymes with fish roe)?...
  • Is there a MouCo Cheese factory in Colorado?
    Yup, the one and only MouCo cheesery is located in Fort Collins, CO
  • Do you have a retail store?
    We do not currently retail our cheese from our cheesery. We concentrate on wholesale and have a variety of cheese retail stores that sell our cheese. You will also find our cheese at many restaurants, resorts and hotels. try one in your area...
  • Where are you located?
    Our cheesery is located at: MouCo Cheese Company, Inc. 1401 Duff Drive #300 Fort Collins, CO 80524 USA Please Note: We are no currently open for tours to the general public.
  • How do I go about setting up a wholesale account?
    Please contact us at: MouCo Cheese Company, Inc. 1401 Duff Drive #300 Fort Collins, CO 80524 USA Phone: 970-498-0107 Anyone that answers the phone will be able to help you out.
  • Do you make goat cheese?
    No, at this point we are not making cheese from goat's milk.

Questions about buying On-line

  • Why is shipping so expensive?
    Our cheese is required by law to be shipped while maintaining a cool temperature. To accomplish this we must ship the cheese quickly while using refrigeration materials to keep the cheese cold for it's journey. Both the expedited shipping methods and shipping materials add to the cost of the shipment. Note: Often it is more cost effective to ship more cheese than just a few pieces. (e.g. 3 pieces of cheese have about the same shipping costs as shipping 15...
  • When do you ship cheese?
    We ship cheese primarily Monday through Thursday. All shipments must be due to arrive no later than Friday regardless of the shipment day.