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Our President

Birgit Halbreiter, President of the company grew up in Memmingen, Germany, a town in Bavaria. 

Here she trained and worked for one of the worlds largest soft-ripened cheese manufacturers, Käserei Champignon.

After leaving Germany she worked for a variety of food manufacturers acting as everything from micobiologist, Quality Assurance Manager to being a member of the board of directors for the nations fastest growing brewery, New Belgium Brewing Company

Birgit is currently President, CEM (Chief Excutive Motivator) and CQ (Chief of Quality) here at our cheesery.

the VP

Robert Poland, Vice President of the Company grew up in Boulder, Colorado, in the United States.

Robert spent 9 years working as fermentation manager of the same brewery where Birgit worked…go figure… 
But that's another story…

Robert is currently overseeing much of the day to day operations of our cheesery including cheese making and curing.

(He's the older one in the picture)



After dating for a few years, the home cheesemaking began, with the help of Birgit's father, Franz Halbreiter, a 47 year master-cheesemaker living in Germany. 

Franz spent most of his life making the same styles of cheese that the MouCo Cheese Company is concentrating on making.
...again....go figure...

Franz is currently acting as a consultant to the cheesery and spends about 1 month a year in the United States working with Robert on quality, sanitation and development issues.

     After spending some time home cheesing it became obvious the quality and consistency for a premium brand line of cheese would be possible, and fun. And so they moved on….Birgit and Robert both left the brewing Industry world and incorporated the MouCo Cheese Company on July 7th of 2000.

     A year of planning and child raising proceeded the opening of our artisan cheesery, located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

     The first sale was June 6th, 2001 to Beavers Market, a small local market in Fort Collins.

     Since then retaining some of the nations top restaurants and retail establishments as our dedicated customers has honored us. The Brown Palace in Denver, Colorado; Ritz Carltons, Q's and Arterra are some of the restaurants that serve our cheese.